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Volume 61, No. 49             April 30, 2014


Outgoing President MIKE SMITH rang meeting to order, presented JOE MALARA to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, GEORGE UBOGY on the ivories as DON CONWAY led singing in "The Star Spangled Banner", "16 Tons", and "Rock Around the Clock." BOB LUCE was the humorist.


PETER UHRY, 3rd VP, RALPH VIGGIANO, 2nd VP, and BOB PHILLIPS, 1st VP & in-coming President presented their annual reports (see CBB online http://greenwichrma.org for details). Reminder: as guests of the Presbyterian Church, let's treat their personnel and facilities as others would do unto ours! An Autism Director is still needed - call Britta at 203-661-8510.


Visiting: CHUCK STANDARD mentioned that JOHN CALABRO and STEVE PIERSON might like a bit of cheer. Returnees - SAM MARRASO back from Keene, VT and FRANK SCAPPA from Naples, FL.

Attendance: STEVE MARINO reported 111 members present, 1 candidate - MIKE ROSS, and 3 guests - Joe Low with CHUCK STANDARD, John Curtis with DICK BURGSTREESER and Don Hermann with GARY KRAUT.

Caddelobbers: RICH COHN is 88, ANDY DOMMERICH is 74, BOB HARMON is 88, AL HARTIG is 93, BOB ROSENBERG is 92 and BILL STEIN is 76.

Volunteers: STEVE MARINO reported 435 hours for outside agencies by 51 members, and 130 hours for RMA activities by 28 members. Top Gun was JOHN TONER with 41 hours.


Bridge: There were 5 players with the top 3 - KURT SCHAFFER with 3,410, RALPH VIGGIANO with 1,470 and RON FRIEDMAN with 1,070.

Tennis: RALPH VIGIANNO reported this week's winners on Court #1 - SAM MARRASO and JIM HIMES and on Court #2 - ROGER PIERCE and JOHN KNIGHT. Next week's Captain is MIKE WARNER. PS: IF you wish to play next September, sign up soon.

Golf: PETER UHRY carded - Most everyone endured the cold and wind for 9 holes. Next week's schedule was posted with the Summer's Schedule up soon. Next week's Captain is BOB MORGAN.


Next Week’s Speaker: Richard C. Connors, MD will discuss "Skin Cancer, Sun Protection and Pre-Cancerous Lesions." Young or old, male or female, short or... EVERYONE... there is a message for you and your loved ones! Early detection is the best protection, and this doctor - Head of Dermatology at Greenwich Hospital explains why.

Today's Speaker: is Cindi Bigelow, president of the Bigelow Tea Co. which was started in the 1940's by her grandmother. Beginning with Constant Comment, they are now the national market leader producing 120 specialty teas. Of the more than 1.6 billion bags, all teas are non-GMO and have 0 pesticides. Leaves are hand-picked only from the top of the bush. Each tea bag is individually sealed in foil envelopes to prevent evaporation of the rare oils and to extend shelf-life for more the 3 years. As a community-minded company it has donated $1MM+ to local charities, passionately advocates for education by promoting business ethics, career development and with its "Tea for the Troops" product supports our service men and women. 

John Harris -Editor

Checks to be drawn to: RMA. Events are open to all members, their ladies, candidates and guests.

 Special events Chair Rich Limbacher (203-531-0515) and Gerry Lessuk (203-698-9451)

May 22: Goodspeed – Damn Yankees; Lunch at Gelston House. Ticket Ex. $112 p/p Leaving St. Catherine’s 9:30 a.m.

June 12: Belmont Race Track; Lunch in Belmont Room, $70 p/p; Ticket Ex Jackets required. Leaves St. Catherines 10:30 a.m.

July 27 (Sunday) Tanglewood, with lunch at Apple Tree Inn. $102 p/p, 20 places open. Bus leaves Eastern Civic Center 8:15 a.m.

August 7th. Goodspeed – Fiddler on the Roof – details coming soon.


Richard C. Connors, MD will discuss "Skin Cancer, Sun Protection and Pre-Cancerous Lesions."

Extensive information about the RMA, including photos, is on our website at http://www.greenwichrma.org. Speaker videos can be viewed at http://www.Vimeo.com.